Rede Reggae Brasil: Don Carlos - Special Edition

quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2012

Don Carlos - Special Edition

Don Carlos - Special Edition

1. Oh Girl 

 2. You Are My Sunshine (A Capella Version) 

 3. Sunday, Monday

 4. Laser Beam Du 

 5. Feeling Of Love

 6. Can't Waste Time 

 7. Intuition - Guitar Instrumental (feat. Adam Will) 

 8. Sweeter Than Wine (This Magic Moment) 
 9. Dance Gate 

10. Money And Woman (feat. John Wayne) 

11. My Name Is Don 

12. Playgirl 

13. From Creation 

14. I'm Not Giving Up 

15. Special Request To Everyone 

16. Jordan River (feat. Anthony Johnson and Little John)


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